Katsunobu Yaguchi


Born 1978, lives and
works in Ibaraki Japan

Katsunobu Yaguchi presented numerous improvisational art performances mainly around Europe from 2004 to 2008. After returning to Japan, he renovated a two-storey old-Japanese-style abandoned house in the City of Mito, Ibaraki and converted it into a café called “Café Washingtown”. He has produced his own newspaper, hosted local festivals and created collaborative art with neighborhood residents, ever since then. Through his vigorous social practice, he reconstructs lost landscapes and traditions, which often took the form of installations. In 2013, the building of Cafe Washingtown, was finally scheduled to be torn down. Yaguchi was determined to execute all the demolition work by his own hands without any electric tools and to preserve all the remains of the cafe. Since the demolition date, two- and-a-half years have gone by. The ‘late’ Café Washingtown skeleton was still standing. With bamboo scaffolding and part of the outer wall remaining. In recent years, he has reconstructed new cafe and his atelier in the space and produced works in a wide range of mediums such as photography, drawing, sculpture, and video to visualize his ideas and concepts of his practice.

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